Numerology: Know lucky number and lucky color for December 3

Dec 03 2019 11:19 AM
Numerology: Know lucky number and lucky color for December 3

Radix in numerology predicts the future of a person. Radix is the sum of the digits of the date of birth. Understand, if any person is born on the 22nd of the month, the radix will be 4. Because adding the digits of the date of birth, the sum is 2 + 2 = 4. At the same time, if someone is born on the 11th of the month, then his radix will be 1 + 1 = 2. Now we know daily horoscope according to Radix.

-Number 1
Today will be a great day for you and you will get success in your efforts. Your morale will remain high in the work area and there will be peace in family life in spite of light-hearted noises. There may be some tension in the married life, try to keep the atmosphere light to avoid it. Today your sweetheart can suddenly do something in front of you, which will surprise you.

-Number 2
Today will be a good day for you. Luck will support you and some travel may be planned. Some people may receive relocation orders in the workspace. One can be happy to have a property related final. Family life is likely to be a bit turbulent and father is likely to suffer health. Today will be a beautiful day in married life and there may be some quarrel in love life.

-Number 3
Today will be a good day for you in many cases. Talking about the field, your image will be strong in it and you will climb in the eyes of senior officers. Apart from this, there will be happiness peace in married life and love and attraction will increase with life partner. Family life will be normal and in the matters related to love, sharp fists are possible. Income will increase.

-Number 4
Today you will be happy with your mind. No matter what the situation, you will feel great peace inside you. Planning for a remote journey will be made in connection with the field. In the married life there will be a feeling of love and both of you will come close to each other and will enjoy the happiness of married life. There will be a need to step into the love life, because your loved one will be sad because of the problems going on in his house. Chances of going abroad will be born.

-Number 5
Your courage and courage will increase and because of that you will be able to do every job well. The family environment will be a bit turbulent and you will try to dominate everyone. If you are single then it is time to get the gift of love marriage. Married life will be fine and dedication to each other will come to light. Happiness and love will remain in love life too. You can try changing your job.

-Number 6
Do not let bitterness in speech, otherwise you may suffer loss. There will be happiness from siblings and they can also help financially. The atmosphere of the family will be fine and any auspicious work can be done, which can bring guests and there will be enthusiasm in the house. There will also be peace in married life and the spouse will be busy with household chores. Will be quite romantic in matters of love. Any artistic interest will increase. Your morale will remain high in the field.

-Number 7
Apathy towards health can give you physical pain, so take care of your health. Renounce excessive anger and feeling of ego. Your circle of friends will increase. The family atmosphere will be peaceful and captivating. Spouse will be devoted to you, but it is possible to argue between you. You will get success in love life and you will work hard in your field of work, which will improve your image.

-Number 8
Will remain devoted to the family and worried about anything. People will be convinced about your words and this will affect you. If you do not have a house, then efforts will increase in that direction. If you are married, the child will show love and obedience to you. Spouse will perform all the obligations towards the family and will get the love of all. Success will also be achieved in love life. Your sweetheart will try to keep you happy. You will get good results in the field and you will get better.

-Number 9
Today will be a good day for you. You will be very busy with many tasks at once, but still your work will be settled on time. There will be good benefit of money. Life partner will keep your mind happy with your sweet talk. In the case of love too, you will get good results and you will get happiness from your child. Your father will help you financially and family life will also improve. One can get good benefits from the government sector.

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