This model is injuring people by showing her hips, Checkout here

Jan 26 2020 10:57 AM
This model is injuring people by showing her hips, Checkout here

Although you must have seen a hot model which spreads the fire with her style. there are many models that injuring people with their erotic pose. Today, the model we are telling you about is not only slim but with a curvy figure and also has the best modeling. Girls with curvy figure can also earn a good name in modeling, Anllela Sagra has told people. US-based Anllela is a model with a curvy figure, who is connected to people through social media as well as other things.

This model flaunts her sexy curves, check out pics here

Anllela is one such plus-size model, which is also very beautiful. By coming to modeling, she has changed people's thinking a lot. Modeling can not be done by slim girls, this thing has been proposed by her. She has over 1 lakh followers on Instagram. She often shares more than one of her bold pictures on Instagram.

 Anllela Sagra is very active on social media and this hot model has kept her fans crazy with her photos till date, where she started modeling career at a very young age and have not looked back yet. So let's see her hot and sexy photos.

Seeing the body parts of this model, your senses will fly away

You will go crazy after seeing pictures of this hot model

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