Annu Kapoor asks Tanushree Dutta on Nana Patekar case row: Why are you making it a media trial?

Annu Kapoor asks Tanushree Dutta on Nana Patekar case row: Why are you making it a media trial?


Tanushree Dutta is grabbing headlines almost 2 weeks as she accused at senior actor of Bollywood, Nana Patekar for sexual harassment. She left everyone shocked. The incident took place in 2008 during the shooting of Horn Ok please movie. Tanushree opened up about it even then nothing concrete came out of it; however the video of that incident has rounded on social media. Ashiqui 2 star recently during an interview reiterated about the incident. Following which she garnered lot of respect bit but most of them called it an attempt to get publicity. In this bit another veteran actor from the entertainment industry has also reacted to the actress’ allegations. Yes this is Annu Kapoor, one of the actors who has worked with Nana before, in a press conference called Tanushree’s intentions ”media trial”.

He nodded that “Maharashtra Home Minister said a good thing yesterday that 'you should report to police, why are you doing media trial?' If you don't go to the police, we'll suspect your intentions. We aren't in favour or against anyone: Annu Kapoor was quoted by ANI on Tanushree Dutta and Nana row.

He added that a woman has been disrespected and if that is proved, the person responsible should receive punishment for the act, whether that person is Nana Patekar, Annu Kapoor, or Narendra Modi. However, it should be proved.

Annu Kapoor placed his views on Tanushree Dutta allegations against Nana Patekar with out taking any one’s side.

He concluded as asserting, “But asking me whether Tanushree Dutta is wrong or Nana Patekar is wrong? Without knowing the truth, I wouldn’t say who is right and who is wrong. Our former colleague Shiney Ahuja, his career was destroyed after the rape case was filed. Because, the woman filed the complaint. When you talk about it 10 years later, it raises several questions. There are people in support of Nana Patekar. I have even worked with him. My first film that I directed and produced – the main hero of that film is Nana Patekar only. But, I can say that during those times, Nana Patekar would charge Rs 65 lakhs as signing amount after reading the film’s subject and script. Nana Patekar had done my film in Rs 21, 000. I am a direct witness of it and I did not see anything like that. The questions are raised. I am not saying that I am not with Tanushree Dutta. I stand with each and every woman who has been disrespected and she has been harassed. It could be Tanushree or Rakhi Sawant, I doesn’t matter.”



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