Another appalling incident of crime against women

Feb 07 2019 05:34 PM
Another appalling incident of crime against women

on Thursday , another appalling incident of crime against women surfaced. In the incident which happened in the Kishanganj district, a teenaged girl was raped by six people. As if the incident was not disturbing enough, the teenager was allegedly gang-raped in front of her father.

A complaint was filed by the 19-year-old on Wednesday stating that she had been raped by six youths. The victim alleged that the youths belonged to her village. She stated that the six accused had knocked at her door and on Tuesday night and had asked her for water to drink. When she opened the door, they allegedly entered the house and dragged her outside, The police said. The victim stated that she was taken to a deserted field near her house and was then raped by the six accused while they took the victim's father hostage and tied him to a tree. 

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Not only this, the victim also stated that the accused had asked her and her father not to go to the police. The Superintendent of police, Kishanganj, Kumar Ashish stated that they have filed a case against the six accused. The police also stated that currently, the accused are on the run and have not been arrested as yet. However this incident held similar to another incident which happened on February 5. The incident took place in Uttarakhand where a girl was allegedly raped by her father's co-worker. The accused 25-year-old raped a four-year-old after tempting her with a chocolate while she was playing outside her house.

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