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Q.1 Who was the ruler of Delhi at the time of battle of Buxar (1764 AD)
Ans. Shah Alam II

Q.2 When did Tipu Sultan die?
Ans. 1799 AD.

Q.3 What is Dindigul
Ans. Name of a city in Tamil Nadu

Q.4 During whose time the Calcutta High Court was established
Ans. Warren Hastings

Q.5 In whose time did the expansion of the British Indian territory come to an end?
Ans. At the time of Dufferin

Q.6 Who oppressed the thugs?
Ans. Colonel Sleeman

Q.7 Who organized the rural Jats as a military power
Ans. Churaman

Q.8 Which Jat king is called 'Amaltun and Respected and Learned Person of the Jats'
Ans. Sundrum

Q.9 Who built the fort named 'Lohagarh'
Ans. banda bahadur

Q.10 On the orders of which Mughal emperor Banda Bahadur was assassinated
Ans. farrukhsier

Q.11 Where is the longest distance of 1° longitude
Ans. on the equator

Q.12 What is the total number of latitudes
Ans. 180

Q.13 What is the total number of longitudes
Ans. 360

Q.14 What are the imaginary lines parallel to the equator called
Ans. latitudinal or parallel line

Q.15 The line joining the north and south poles of the earth is called
Ans. longitude

Q.16 The principal midday line passes through which place
Ans. Greenwich

Q.17 What is the Greenwich Line
Ans. 0° longitude

Q.18 How many long distances does the earth rotate in 1 hour?
Ans. 15°

Q.19 What is the latitude of the South Pole
Ans. 90°

Q.20 What will be the difference in the time of two places when there is a difference of 1° in their longitude
Ans. 4 min

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