These foods will strengthen your immunity during corona period

The havoc of coronavirus is increasing rapidly these days. On the other hand, the omicron variant of corona infection has also created havoc. With the advent of this variant, the number of new cases in the country has crossed one lakh every day. People are now focusing on their diet to strengthen good health and immunity. Well, it's always important for you to take care of it, not just in the corona era. In particular, in winter, people's immunity is very weak, and you should take great care of your diet. So today we are going to tell you what you can do to strengthen immunity by eating.

Ghee- In Ayurveda, ghee is considered to be a body-rich food. It is said that eating ghee daily keeps the body warm. At the same time, eating ghee provides energy immediately and ghee should also be fed to strengthen the bones of children. Eating ghee helps boost the immune system.

Citrus Fruits - Citrus fruits must be included in the diet. Yes, this is because citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C. It helps to strengthen your immunity so that the body can easily protect itself from any kind of virus. Include oranges, lemons, kiwi, amla, grapes, guava and plums in the diet in sour things.

Jaggery - You should increase the intake of jaggery in cold. Yes, you can use jaggery to make a brew. This is because it increases immunity and also improves the taste of the decoction. Colds and colds also provide relief from eating jaggery.

Vitamin D- According to a study, including vitamin D in the treatment protocol of corona can have better results. Yes and this means that having enough vitamin D can help the patient recover quickly. Due to this, the diet of corona patients should include foods like mushrooms, egg yolk, yoghurt and milk. At the same time, you should sit in the incense for an hour.

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