Anuj to cry in front of Anupama, Malvika to make her move
Anuj to cry in front of Anupama, Malvika to make her move

The TV show 'Anupamaa' is all set to have a new twist these days. In fact, the show is now seen that Anuj's life has now entered another girl who is repeatedly trying to distance Anuj from Anupamaa. Now Anupamaa will also realize that Malvika doesn't want Anuj to talk to her and she will do something now that Anuj will burst into tears in front of her. In fact, in today's episode, you will see that Anupamaa will be upset that Anuj did not tell her about Malvika. Malvika will also move around Anuj and she will not allow him to talk to Anupamaa.

On the other hand, Ba would be surprised that Anuj and GK did not yet know where Malvika was. Vanraj, on the other hand, will explain Malvika to Anupamaa. In the meantime, Malvika will leave the party with Anuj and say bye to Anupamaa. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Kavya will come and sprinkle salt on Anupamaa's wounds. In the meantime, Ba will once again be disturbed by Malvika's sudden arrival, while on the other hand, Malvika will be disturbed inside and Anuj will also notice this. Malvika will say that there is a past associated with her that is bothering her.

Kavya will threaten Vanraj not to think about Malvika. In the meantime, Kavya will say that Malvika is the kind of girl she may fall in love with. Hearing her, Vanraj will say that now he will focus only on work. Anupamaa, on the other hand, will go home from the party, and Anuj will also run to her house and ask why she did not come home. Anupamaa will say that she came to the bottom of the house but then she returned to her house. Now in the upcoming episode, you will see Anuj crying bitterly in front of Anupamaa. Malvika, on the other hand, will be angry to see Anuj crying like this and say why she is telling Anupamaa about her house and Malvika will also tell Anupamaa an outsider. It is now certain that the show is going to be in a state of turmoil in the coming days.

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