Anupama to be addicted to Anuj's love, Kinjal to separate from Paritosh!

StarPlus' superhit TV serial 'Anupama' is all set to have another twist soon. Anupama's house on the show is going to knock happiness once again. The Shah family will be seen having fun together after a long time. Well you have seen so far on the show, Anupama goes to drink pan milkshake with Anuj. Amidst all this, Anupama gets a call from Pakhi. After that, Anupama goes to Pakhi's school. Here Devika explains to Anupama that she is trying to ignore her love.


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Amidst all this, there is now going to be a new uproar in the story of the serial 'Anupama'. In fact, in the upcoming episode of serial Anupama (Anupamaa Upcoming Episode), you will see anupama and shah family preparing to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Ba and Bapuji. Here Anupama will give Ba and Bapuji their 50-year-old wedding couple to wear. Anupama will prepare for the wedding with her children. In the meantime, kavya will be furious to see Anupama doing household chores.

In fact, Kavya will prevent Vanraj from celebrating ba and bapuji's wedding anniversary. On the other hand, Vanraj will be furious when he sees kavya's fever. Meanwhile, Vanraj will threaten Kavya that he will leave Shah House with the entire family, no matter what happens, Ba and Bapuji will get married. On the other hand, seeing Vanraj's anger, Kavya will stop speaking. On the other hand, Anupama will send Nyota to Anuj's house just before Ba and Bapuji's wedding anniversary. At Anupama's behest, Anuj will attend Ba and Bapuji's wedding. Anupama will be very happy to see Anuj in front of her eyes during this time. Anupana will attend ba and bapuji's wedding ceremonies with Anuj. With this in the upcoming episode you will see that The relationship between Paritosh and Kinjal will break down. Meanwhile, Kinjal will decide that she will break up Paritosh and her marriage. On the other hand, Kavya will try to provoke Paritosh and Paritosh will also fall into kavya's trap.

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