Kavita Kaushik's Attarangi Yoga Pause blows Anurag Kashyap's senses

Sep 18 2020 02:56 PM
Kavita Kaushik's Attarangi Yoga Pause blows Anurag Kashyap's senses

A photo of television actress Kavita Kaushik is going viral on social media. In fact, the Kavita in this photo is going to appear as a complex yoga pose. This pose of Kavita has been commented upon by several industry stars. The actress has gained popularity with FIR.

Anurag Kashyap has expressed his surprise at the photo. He wrote in the comments section of this post-what was the way to sit? The last time the script of such a sit-in was written, no smoking was made. Anurag Kashyap's movie No Smoking was called the most complex and best film of his career by some people. Many people did not understand the movie. The film starred John Abraham and Ayesha Takia. 

In addition, a Twitter user tweeted a funny tweet stating that he had several fractures when he tried to try this posture of poetry. He wrote: "I tried to try it. Now I have 2 fractures and 5 slip discs. Kavita also commented that I would have to put up a class because of you so that people could not be injured.


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