Corona may pose the biggest threat to the body, even vaccine cannot save

The havoc of coronavirus is once again bothering people. There is a piece of big news that is shocking. In fact, the coronavirus is the first to target our lungs, although it does not pose any less risk to our liver. In fact, new research by the University of Tennessee in the United States recently revealed that 11% of corona-affected patients have liver problems. Doctors, on the other hand, believe that vaccines developed against corona are also not able to save our liver. In fact, in recent research, researchers have found that the coronavirus increases the number of important enzymes present in the liver.

These enzymes are called alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and aspartate aminotransferase (AST). According to research, 15 to 53 per cent of corona patients were found to have high amounts of these liver enzymes. It can be said that the liver of these people was temporarily damaged. Not only that, any variant of coronavirus, whether delta or omicron, has a negative effect on the main cells of the liver. Yes and this slows down the functioning of the liver and the medicines given during corona infection also threaten our liver. Tell you that having a corona can cause heavy swelling and jaundice in the liver.

At the same time, patients are at risk of developing liver failure. On the other hand, according to scientists, if you already have serious liver disease, the risk of developing a corona is further increased. This infection can also prove fatal for you. Dr Jatin Agarwal of Max Hospital says that even if there are no symptoms of the corona, the organs of the body can be damaged. There have been several cases where the patient had no symptoms of the virus, yet his liver was damaged.

This means that people may also complain of jaundice and liver failure in asymptomatic cases. Dr Agarwal further said that vaccines made against corona prevent infections in the body from getting serious, but according to information received so far, it cannot save our liver if the infection occurs. So don't make the mistake of taking the corona lightly.

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