Apple juice enhances the color of face

Sep 04 2017 02:24 PM
Apple juice enhances the color of face

If you also want to get a beautiful skin by making your shade lighter and beautiful, then there is no need to use expensive beauty products available in the market because today we are going to tell you some easy ways to easily make your color white at home:

1- Take a little apple juice to make your color white; Now add a little rose water to it, now mix these two well and apply it on your skin. If you use it every day on your face, then your face will be cleaned and your color will gradually become white.

2- With the use of Chironji, you can make your dark color white, for this, add some chironji seeds to milk and leave them, when these grains get soaked, grind them finely, then apply this paste on your face and arms. Wash it when it is dried. If you use this paste twice a week on your skin, it will change your color in a few days.

3- To make your color white, first take a little bit of gram flour in a vessel; now add some sandalwood powder, one spoon lemon juice, one spoon cucumber juice and raw milk, mix it well, now Put paste on your whole body like a pack. This will give a great advantage.

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