Apple ready to provide customers' data on Indian government urge

Dec 25 2018 01:34 PM
Apple ready to provide customers' data on Indian government urge

New Delhi: The Indian government has urged Apple to provide information for 27 devices and 18 accounts in the January-June 2018 period. With this information company will be providing data in most of the cases owing to an iTunes Gift Card fraud inquiry.

The number of government requests in assorted formats such as subpoenas, court orders, warrants or other valid legal requests also consist of  34 financial identifiers and three emergency requests, Apple stated in its Transparency report which was out late Monday.

Reports suggested that for device requests, Apple provided data to the Indian government in 63 per cent of cases and 85 per cent in the cases linked to financial identifiers.

"The high number of financial identifiers were specified in requests predominantly due to an iTunes Gift Card fraud investigation," Apple stated.

"One request may contain one or multiple identifiers. We count the number of identifiers identified in each request and report the total number of identifiers by type (Device, Financial Identifier, Account)," the company further said.

Keeping with international trends, Apple has launched a new transparency report website which makes it easier to watch data requests from assorted governments.

Internationally, the company received 32,342 demands from governments to right to use 1,63,823 devices, with 80 per cent of the requests approved ,said the company.

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