Apple Releases iOS 17.4 Update with New Features for EU Users
Apple Releases iOS 17.4 Update with New Features for EU Users

Apple has just released the latest iOS 17.4 update for all iPhone users, introducing a range of new features, especially for those in the European Union. This update, designed to comply with Europe's strict Digital Markets Act (DMA), brings several changes to enhance user experience and security.

Here's what's new in the iOS 17.4 update:

More App Store Options: With iOS 17.4, users now have the option to access alternative app stores on their iPhones, offering more choices beyond the traditional App Store. Moreover, developers can now provide in-app purchases through other platforms, not just the App Store.

Default Browser Selection: For iPhone users in the EU, there's a new feature allowing them to choose their default browser when opening Safari, granting greater control over their browsing preferences.

NFC Access for Third-Party Apps: In the EU, third-party app developers can now utilize NFC services for banking and wallet applications through the iOS 17.4 beta update. This enhancement enables contactless payments within these apps, independent of Wallet or Apple Pay.

Fresh Emojis: Apple has included support for 28 new emojis in iOS 17.4, including icons like mushrooms, phoenixes, broken chains, and nodding heads (both horizontally and vertically). These emojis, approved with the Unicode 15.1 update last year, offer increased flexibility as they can face any direction.

Notarization for iOS Apps: Introducing an additional layer of protection, Apple has implemented Notarization for iOS apps to combat potential malware, fraud, scams, and harmful content. This feature involves baseline reviews for all apps, combining automated checks with human review to safeguard users.

The iOS 17.4 update brings significant enhancements, catering to both user preferences and security concerns. Users can now enjoy greater freedom in app selection and browsing while benefiting from improved protection against digital threats.

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