OMG! first computer of Apple sold for more than Rs 2 crore

New Delhi: You must have always heard that Old is Gold. And this proverb is still coming true, yes, because the first computer in Apple is being sold. Apple-1, the first original computer in Apple, was auctioned in the United States today, and you will also be shocked to hear that this computer has been purchased for $400,000. In India's currency, it is worth 297 lakh 2 thousand 220 rupees as of date. The highlight of this computer is that it was invented by the company's co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak with his own hands.

This computer is also known as the Chaffey College Apple-1 computer because its real owner was a professor of Chaffey College. They sold Apple-1 to one of his students in 1977 to buy Apple-II computers. Most importantly at that time, the student paid only $650 to the professor on this computer.

Apple's first computer in working condition: Apple-1 is currently one of the 60 units worldwide. It is also among the 20 Apple-1 computers that are currently working. Apple-1 was found with a motherboard with cases, and its keyboards and monitors were sold separately. Computers also get along with Hawaii's special koa wood cabinet. Apple created only 200 computers with this wood casing.

Cells as component parts: Jobs and Wozniak used to sell most Apple-1 computers as component parts. A computer shop took delivery of 50 units of it and designed some of them in a wood casing, which was loved by users.

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