Apply these fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C to your face if you want clear, glowing skin
Apply these fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C to your face if you want clear, glowing skin

We are all aware of the importance of vitamins for both good health and beautiful skin. One of these is vitamin C, which has many positive effects on both health and the skin. It lessens under-eye circles and shields the skin from pollution. In addition, it delays the onset of aging.

Everyone aspires to look beautiful, but a changing lifestyle and poor eating habits cause the face's glow to fade. How much money people spend on beautiful skin and use pricey cosmetics. These chemical-rich products, however, do more harm than good to the skin.

Natural ingredients can be incorporated into your skin care routine to improve your face's radiance. Vitamin-C-rich fruits and vegetables can be applied to the face for this purpose. This can help with skin issues. Consequently, let's learn which fruits and vegetables are good for the skin.


This fruit, which is high in energy, solves many problems. Eating bananas is thought to be very healthy. It contains many different nutrients, including calcium and dietary fiber. But did you know that bananas are also a fruit that is great for your skin? It can be used to make face masks, resulting in shiny skin.


Vitamin C is abundant in lemons. which aids in the elimination of skin spots. It has a lot of antifungal and antibacterial properties. As a skin cleanser, it works. One teaspoon of lemon juice should be combined with a pinch of coffee powder before being used to scrub the face. Wash it with clean water after a while.


Both the skin and the health benefit greatly from orange consumption. This fruit contains nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and potassium. Orange can be used to achieve glowing skin. Take one spoon of gram flour and combine it with orange juice in a bowl for this. Put some of this paste on your face. After about fifteen minutes, wash your face.

Apart from this, dry the orange peel in the sun. Prepare its powder and mix rose water with it. Apply this paste to the face. After drying, wash with water.


Tomatoes are rich in nutrients like vitamin C and Lycopene. It helps a lot to keep the skin healthy. If you want, you can apply tomato juice to the face daily. It prevents signs of aging.

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