Applying a mask spoils lipstick so these 3 tips will come to your work

Lipstick helps in enhancing the glow and beauty of the face. However, with new variants of corona coming in these days, experts are advising everyone to be on alert and that is why people are resorting to masks for their safety. The girls are also facing the problem of lipstick failure due to wearing masks. Now, if you also want to get rid of this problem, today we have come up with some tips that you can adopt and get rid of this problem.

Lip balm - The problem of lip cracking is more in winter. In such a situation, lipstick does not last long even if the lips are not smooth. You can apply lip balm to keep the lips smooth and soft to avoid this. Note that you will benefit if you apply it overnight or about 20 minutes before applying lipstick.

Be good lipstick - There are trends in matte or shiny lipstick in today's times. In this case, women are confused about choosing lipstick. But choose matte lipstick to keep it on the lips for a long time. It will remain on your lips for several hours even after wearing it. While glossy lipstick flows more, avoid applying it with a mask.

Apply powder after applying lipstick - Use powder to keep lipstick on lips for a long time. Yes and for this, dip the floppy brush in loose powder and apply it gently on the lipstick. Tell you that beauty experts say loose powders work like locks for lipstick. In this case, the lipstick will not be in the mask and will look good.

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