Easter Week 2018: 10 Pranks to pull on this April Fool's day

As the Easter and April fool's day falls on the same day this year, that is on Sunday 1 April 2018. And we all have the great opportunity to celebrate both days together. 

On the occasion of April fool's day and Easter day, we have bring you a complete with ridiculously fun pranks, with your family and friends nearby.

Here are some of the pranks we recommend, but always do so responsibly!

1. Don’t hard-boil the eggs

This could be a messy prank, but it could definitely be fun with the right person. Just handle the raw eggs very carefully or you might be the one with egg on your face. 

2. Leave candy out of the Easter eggs during the egg hunts

There are plenty of things you can do in Easter egg hunts, but this could be the most devastatingly hilarious. Just be sure to make everything better with a big pile of candy and cash if you pull this trick.

3. Hide your kids’ Easter egg baskets and tell them that the Easter Bunny forgot them this year or that you woke up early and ate all of their candy.

An echo of Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween trick, this could mean a lot of tears, but a lot of smiles when you eventually do reveal their baskets. 

4. Put toy money in the Easter eggs

Watch their smiles turn to dejected pouts when they realize the fake cash won’t cover their new game console. If you want to save the holiday, give them real cash or candy to turn that frown upside down.

5. Hide the eggs in – really – difficult spots

Some Easter egg hunts these days look like someone just dropped the eggs on the ground. Make it extra difficult for your kids this year and hide the eggs in really difficult spots and then help them if they get really frustrated.

6. Chocolate dip vegetables

Grab your camera as they dig into those chocolate-dipped carrots.

7. Wrap up large grapes like eggs

Have fun eating the little Cadbury eggs, but keep the foils (and a few of the intact eggs) to fool your kids. When they open the foil wrappers and find a grape, snap a photo that’ll last a lifetime of joy.

8. Wrap up sour candies in sweet packaging.

The sour faces are priceless!

9. Make sponge cake out of sponges. 

You'll be out a canister of frosting, but just wait until they try to cut into that real sponge cake. 

10. Don't hide the eggs

Let the kids loose and time how long it takes for them to realize the eggs were never hidden in the first place.

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