Sigiriya: Architectural sensation of Srilanka

Jul 19 2018 08:22 AM
Sigiriya: Architectural sensation of Srilanka

Considered amongst the most sought-after spots of Srilanka, Sigiriya, more popularly known as the mansion in the sky is renowned for its architectural richness. A Fort made up of rocks is as high as 200 metres. The natives of Srilanka regard it as the 8th wonder of the World. Sigiriya accounts for its immense beauty and history, which pulls thousands of tourists from across the world, to Srilanka. - is an architectural marvel.  The tall Fort is 1600 years old.

Situated near  Dambulla, Sigiriya is at a distance of 100 km from Kandy, which is the commercial capital of Srilanka.

The Tourists are suggested to leave from Kandy, quite early so that they do not have to face the scorching heat and can enjoy climbing.

Its history talks about King Kashyapa who is believed to have built a Palace, on the top of the Hill. He also built a small town for his people around his Palace. Kashyapa is also believed to have encouraged gardening through Scientific methods and also built underground reservoirs.

Sources reveal that on climbing a few steps approaching the peak, you find giant claws of a lion that seems to be seated. King Kashyapa is believed to have got the lion sculpted.

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