Are SARMs A Genuine Steroid Alternative?

Lots of guys use anabolic steroids to produce incredible muscle gains. The problem is that on the downside steroids can also produce incredible amounts of damaging side effects.

In this article I’m going to quickly talk you through why anabolic steroids work so well, but why they are also so bad for you.

I’m not going to teach you to suck eggs, but I am going to talk you through the alternative to steroids: SARMs.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators can work in a similar way to anabolic steroids, but not have a highly invasive side effects, although both SARMs and steroids can have high levels of HPTA suppression.

Plus, a lot of SARMs aren’t anabolic in nature at all, and can benefit your bodybuilding without affecting your testosterone balance, or creating vicious side effects at all.

So what’s the deal? Are SARMs are genuine steroid alternative, or are they far weaker and not worth trying if you are not that bothered about the side effects of steroids?

How Anabolic Steroids Work And Why They Are So Damaging

The problem with anabolic steroid safety is that some of the side effects can be very damaging, but only appear many years after you use them. So you bulk up, you look good, then 10 years later you have got serious health problems or are dead. In many cases, the connection is not even made between what you’re suffering with and the cause being anabolic steroids use many years previously.

Anabolic steroid use interferes with the natural produce of hormones in the body. It also hammers the androgen receptors (if it’s an androgenic steroid) all over the body, meaning places like the prostate.

Anabolic steroids negatively impact on the cardiovascular system (the effects of which cannot always be seen for many years), the hormonal system, liver, musculoskeletal system, skin, and the brain.

Put all that together, and what you’re paying for looking good is storing up problems that could kill you within 10 years or so of using anabolic steroids.

At the heart of all the main anabolic steroids in use though (things like Dianabol and Winstrol) is a body-wide androgenic effect. They are anabolic, they mimic testosterone in the body, and produce strong androgenic results.

These Are The SARMs Which Work In A Similar Way To Anabolic Steroids

So what about SARMs? How can they produce similar effects anabolic steroid but not have the damaging side effects if they mimic production of testosterone and increased levels in the body?

Well, it’s because SARMs are constructed to only target mimicking the effects of testosterone by interacting with androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue alone. So they won’t bind with a strong affinity to the AR receptors in the prostate for example.

Androgenic SARMs are the following:


These are the SARMs which definitely have androgenic effects in muscle and bone tissue, and therefore work in a similar way anabolic steroid but in a far more targeted manner.

If you want to produce large amounts of lean muscle, then those of the SARMs you should be using. Andarine is renowned even among steroid users for the way it can create very hard and dry muscle tone, which is why some people are professional bodybuilders use Andarine after a steroid cycle before they hit a competition.

However, you’ve also got a pair of non-androgenic SARMs which build muscle tissue as well. These are MK-677 and YK-11.

YK-11 is actually closer to an anabolic steroid in construction than SARMs generally. It binds to the androgen receptor but with a low affinity. Really, it works in the body by stimulating the release of a protein that is key to muscle growth. So you’ll get the effects without the problems of testosterone drop.

MK-677 produces higher levels of HGH and IGF-1. These are crucial hormones in the building of muscle tissue. So again, you’re getting muscle building effects but without any androgenic interaction or side effects.

What About Results? Can SARMs Be As Potent As Steroids?

I will level with you here, SARMs are not as potent as steroids. Even at high doses and stacked, you’re not going to get the aggressive growth that you’ll get with anabolic steroids.

However, that’s only in the shorter term. Because SARMs are safer and more targeted, you can use them more subtly to hit muscle growth, strength development, and fat cutting over many years without hitting the health problems you will using anabolic steroids.

Arguably, you can therefore get close to steroids over a longer period of time without having to worry about whether you are going to drop dead or not in a few years time.

A single cycle of SARMs can be potent. If you stack the right combination of androgenic and non-androgenic SARMs, you can achieve an almost steroid level of performance and results, but you won’t quite get the extremes.

How To Create A Potent SARMs Bulking Stack Comparable To Steroid Results

Let’s quickly talk you through a strong SARMs stack that can get close to mimicking the power of steroid.

This is the stack I would suggest you consider:

10 mg RAD-140
10 mg S-23
10 mg YK-11
10 mg MK-677
10 mg Cardarine

RAD-140 and S-23 are strongly androgenic SARMs that will deliver significant increases in muscle density and size.

You’ve then got the steroid-like YK-11 that induces far higher levels of key proteins that are need of the dramatic muscle growth.

On top of that, MK-677 then delivers higher levels of hGH and IGF-1, the key hormones connected with dramatic muscle growth.

At the bottom of the stack you’ve got Cardarine, which re-wires how your body utilizes glucose and fatty acids for energy, delivering a far higher amount of energy for your workout, and more energy into your muscle’s recovery and growth.

Put all that together, and over 12 weeks with hard work and great nutrition, you won’t be far away from the levels you would achieve with the same amount of time using steroids.

The difference is that for that small trade-off in the sheer amount of muscle you pack on, you will be around 75% less likely to suffer significant side effects other than testosterone drop which can be countered with a strong PCT supplement like Clomid.

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