Do you also suffer from diabetes, so treat like this

Today, 8 out of every 10 people are suffering from diabetes due to changing lifestyles, recent research suggests that more than 40 million people are facing sugar problems today. Having a sugar problem leads to high blood sugar levels and incorrect eating, people regularly take medicines to keep their body sugar levels under control, but no matter how many medicines they take, the disease does not end.

Today we are going to tell you such a home remedy, using which your diabetes problem will end the root cause. Green onion is very beneficial for our health, its intake can help you get rid of diabetes as well as many other diseases. Using this recipe you can get rid of diabetes in just seven days.

Causes of diabetes-

The cause of diabetes can be excessive consumption of junk food, obesity, stress or depression, smoking or tobacco consumption, drinking more tea, coffee or cold drinks, excessive sugar intake or genetic problems.

If you want to get rid of diabetes, take a little green onion and wash it thoroughly, now put it in clean water and leave it for 24 hours, strain it the next day and drain it, and drink it a little throughout the day. If you drink this water for 7 consecutive days, it will root out your diabetes problem.

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