If you're also upset with spam calls, get rid of it like this

Most people are often disturbed by the problem of robocalls and spam calls. If you also get calls that sometimes make you upset. Such unwanted calls are more disturbing when we are engaged in an urgent task or necessary meeting. Sometimes even 10 numbers call comes that seem normal calls. However, those are also spam calls. Calls from such numbers also start hustling. In order to keep your information safe and avoid fraud, you need to block spam calls and robocalls. If you don't know how to block such numbers, let's tell you easy ways to do it...

Block such spam calls and robocalls: Anyone can easily block spam calls through smartphones. For this, you have to open the call log on your phone. Now go to the Recent Calls option here and press the spam number you want to block for a while. After which click on the block option. This way you can block spam or robocalls in a very easy way.

Spam calls can also be blocked: There is another way to block spam or robocalls through your phone if you don't want to block them. For this, you can contact the telecom service provider and block unwanted calls. For which your telecom service is going to call the customer care number of the provider. You can block spam calls by talking to the official. Calls from the company can also be blocked.

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