Are you also troubled by all the emails lying in Gmail? So delete them in this easy way

If thousands of unread emails are surrounding the required storage space in your Gmail inbox as well, know that you are not alone. Keeping a clean inbox is a difficult task. Something that only a few of us are cautious about doing. The rest let it come together. These collected mails not only detect the required emails but can also make your phone Gmail app dull.

How to delete emails from your Gmail Inbox?
You must first take care of the emails you need and which you don't want to delete from your inbox. You should either mark them all as unread or move them to another folder to ensure that they are not erased. Then, you need to open your inbox and type the 'is:read' command in the search bar, and press ENTER. Gmail will sort and tell you all the emails you have already read. Now select all messages together with the check box option.

Now that you select 50 or 100 messages that Google permit, with a select message in grey, you'll see the option of "select all conversations that match this search." Here, you should make sure none of the emails you want to keep are selected. If you want, uncheck them. The interface of your inbox will return to selected all conversations again. To delete all the emails you've selected now, click the trash icon on the taskbar.

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