Are you Fancy about body piercing? You need to know this before moving ahead

Apr 24 2019 05:35 PM
Are you Fancy about body piercing? You need to know this before moving ahead

Body piercing is a trend which is popular amongst teens and youngsters these days. In addition to the norm of getting your ear or nose pierced, many opt for navel, tongue or eyebrow piercing as well. Apart from the pain factor, one must keep in mind the place they opt to go to get the piercing done. Make sure it is hygienic where disposable equipments are used to prevent the transmission of blood-borne diseases like HIV AIDS or hepatitis. Also, the body part should not have any skin irritation or allergy. If you are allergic to fake jewellery, then opt for piercings that are nickel-free. Look for the highest quality gold or silver rings and stay away from artificial jewellery.

What kind of aftercare is needed?

Make sure you keep the pierced area clean and dry as the risk of infection is higher. There is usually not much harm except for some swelling, bleeding or scarring at times. (Also read: How your old cosmetics can harm your skin)

Are there any areas which are more prone to infections?

Though body piercing is generally safe, areas like the tongue or genitals run a higher risk of bacterial infection. The pain is also more than a navel or nose pierce. A piercing in your private parts can also predispose you to sexually transmitted diseases and make urination and sexual activity difficult and painful.

Tongue piercing can cause speech problems and chipped teeth at times and in rare cases, one can even run the risk of a blocked airway.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • If you get your tongue pierced, opt for an alcohol-free, mild mouthwash instead of a strong one.
  • Clean the pierced area with a mild anti-bacterial wash.
  • Do not touch the area too often as the germs on your hands can cause an infection.
  • If there is build-up around the area, dab a cotton ball dipped in warm water on it.
  • To relieve the pain and itchy feeling on the irritated skin, apply a few drops of tea tree oil or a paste of turmeric (haldi) and warm ghee.
  • If the bleeding continues or if the area is sore for a long time, get it checked by a skin doctor.
  • There is no harm in looking trendy by sporting a ring or stud on your body but remember to take good aftercare of the pierced area. Or if your skin is prone to infections, you can always opt for an imitation which does not require you to pierce your body.

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