Are you suffering from Sexsomnia? Know Signs and symptoms of sleep sex, causes and treatment

Mar 25 2019 07:55 PM
Are you suffering from Sexsomnia? Know Signs and symptoms of sleep sex, causes and treatment

Sexsomnia or Sleep sex is a distinct form of parasomnia that is caused by a disruption while the brain is moving between deep sleep stages. It may be noted that sex sleep is different from sex dreams that do not involve physical actions or behaviours besides arousal and ejaculation. It’s unclear what causes sexsomnia, however, sleep sex can be caused by or be linked to various factors, including sleep deprivation, poor sleep habits, increased stress, anxiety, fatigue, excessively drinking alcohol, certain medications, etc. While it’s not clear how common sexsomnia is, men were almost three times more likely to have this disorder than women.

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The main  problem with sleep sex is that people with the disorder may not realise that they have it. The Common signs and symptoms of sexsomnia include, Fondling with bed partner, Masturbation, Sexual intercourse, Pelvic thrusting, Spontaneous orgasm, Blank or glassy stare during events and sexual assault or rape.

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Talking about treatment, it is very successful when it comes to sexsomnia and mainly involves treating underlying causes, as well as lifestyle changes. Maintaining a regular sleep-wake schedule is one of the best ways to treat this disorder. In most cases, treatment for sexsomnia involves making lifestyle changes, including adopting good sleep hygiene, avoiding triggers like alcohol and recreational drugs, etc.


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