Arjun Arigasi performed brilliantly in the FIDE World Chess Rankings
Arjun Arigasi performed brilliantly in the FIDE World Chess Rankings"

Grand Master Arjun Arigasi has emerged as the best Indian player in the April FIDE World Chess Rankings released by the World Chess Federation. This 18-year-old young player of India has achieved the best rating of 2675 in his sports life and has made his place at number 62 in the overall world ranking, third in the junior world ranking. If he can add more, he will become the youngest player in Indian chess history to touch 2700 points.

At present, 52-year-old Viswanathan Anand is still at the forefront of Indian players, he is 14th in the world rankings with 2751 points, Vidit Gujrathi 24th with 2723 points and Pantala Harikrishna 32nd with 2705 points. Among other Indian players, SL Narayanan has come 72nd with 2662 points, Krishnan Sashikiran with 2650 points at 95th and Nihal Sarin at number 97 with 2648 points. Among women players, Koneru Humpy with 2586 points is third in the world and Harika Dronavalli is in 11th place with 2517 points.

In the world rankings, in the men's section, reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway with 2864 points, and in the women's section, China's Hau Yifan has consistently topped the list with 2650 points.

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