Arjun Kapoor met the football sensation, Christiano Ronaldo and clicks a selfie


The FIFA world cup is about to start and the football fans are going crazy over the matter. well, there are a few football lovers in Bollywood industry too.

Arjun Kapoor is among those few people from Bollywood who have fervent kind of love for football.

Recently a picture of the two went viral on the internet.

The actor who has been bewitched by the Spanish Premier League, he newly met the ace football player, the person who is driving all football fans crazy; Cristiano Ronaldo at Madrid.

 Arjun Kapoor wishes him lunch for his matches coming soon.

The FIFA world cup is just around the corner, and this picture has just raised the excitement.

Arjun, in the little conversation he had with the star, asked him to visit India soon as he has a huge fan following in the country, in fact, he insisted that he should definitely come and receive love from his fans, they believe he is the god of football.

Arjun is a huge football fan and therefore they had a deep conversation related to the game.

Meanwhile, Arjun Kapoor is working on his next project with Parineeti Chopra in Paris shooting for 'Namaste England'  which is expected to be released on 19th of October 2018.

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