Army aspirant dies by suicide after failing to clear exam!
Army aspirant dies by suicide after failing to clear exam!

NOIDA: A 21-year-old Army aspirant allegedly died by suicide after hanging himself at his residence here, days after an unsuccessful attempt at clearing an exam for recruitment into the defence force, police officials said Wednesday.
The youth, who hailed from Aligarh, was staying at a rented facility in Barola village along with his younger brother and two cousins – all preparing for the Army, the police said.

“On Tuesday afternoon, the local police received information about the suicide by the youth. The body, which was hanging from a ceiling fan, was taken into custody and sent for a postmortem almost away, according to Deputy Commissioner of Police (Noida), Harish Chander.

"An investigation into the matter showed that the youth was preparing for competitive exams, including Army recruitment, in which he could not qualify. He was sad because of it and that is why he took the extreme step,” the DCP said.

A local official claims that the young person, who came from a poor household, also left behind what appears to be a suicide note.

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