Army commander of Yemeni survives car bomb in Aden

SANAA: According to a local security officer, a car bomb targeted a Yemeni army commander in the southern port city of Aden, the country's interim capital, causing a massive explosion that shook the city.

When a nearby car detonated, Maj. Gen. Saleh Ali Hasan, commander of joint operations at the Aden-based 4th Military Regiment, was inside his armed SUV in Mualla, a district of Aden. According to the official, the army leader escaped the blast, which damaged his car.

The attackers have not claimed responsibility. A series of similar attacks targeting security and military personnel in the city have been blamed on the Iran-backed Houthis, as well as Al-Qaeda and Daesh.
Terrorist organisations, according to Gen. Shalal Ali Shaea, leader of an anti-terrorism force in Aden, carried out the attack to undermine peace and security in the city. While touring the blast site, Shaea assured local reporters, "Terrorist attacks will not stop us from building security and stability."

The incident occurred as the country's new Presidential Leadership Council attempted to bring splintered forces under its authority together and restore peace to Aden's liberated provinces. 

Yemeni national airline Yemenia said early on Sunday that it would fly the first commercial flight from Houthi-controlled Sanaa to Amman on Monday, after the Yemeni government permitted passengers to travel using Houthi-issued passports.

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