OMG! Arnold Schwarzenegger became the victim of accident

A news has been heard about Hollywood's famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, which has surprised everyone, which is going to increase the concern of his fans. According to the Hollywood media report, the actor's car has an accident in which he has also been injured. This accident is said to have happened due to a tremendous collision between two cars. In which a woman has been seriously injured who has been admitted to the hospital.

Several vehicles collided, Arnold Schwarzenegger narrowly survived: At 4 pm on Friday, when Arnold was said to be in his Black Yukon car, his car collided with the red Prius in front. According to media reports, the scene was about a mile from the actor's village. Where some cars collided because they were unbalanced. Including actor Arnold's car. Reports say that the actor sustained minor injuries in the accident but one woman was in another car and was seriously injured. Who has been sent to the hospital.

The woman was in critical condition until the news came in. On the whole issue, police have said that the accident took place at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Ellenford Avenue in Los Angeles. While the Los Angeles Police Department is not going to predict who was at fault, the film was like a dangerous stunt.

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