Man arrested for cheating corona patients on the pretext of giving beds in hospital

May 09 2021 01:52 PM
Man arrested for cheating corona patients on the pretext of giving beds in hospital

Ghaziabad: Lives of corona infected patients were being traded in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. On the pretext of giving them beds in the hospital, looting is done to corona patients. Ghaziabad police have arrested two persons including the mastermind of the vicious gang, who have been questioned to reveal the entire case.

A senior Ghaziabad police official said the arrested accused have been identified as Mayank, 24, and Pradeep, 28. Mayank is the leader of this whole gang. In the face of the corona epidemic, while people are struggling with bed shortages in hospitals, the accused used to hunt down such people. The family members of the corona patient were assured that they had a bed in the hospital. They were then charged a hefty sum of money.

Police said the accused Mayank has admitted the entire case and said that apart from those two, three more accomplices Chirag, Gautam Varshney and Amit were involved in the case. Chirag and Amit were introduced by the accused as hospital doctors after the patient's family was trapped, who inquired about the condition of the patient. Gautam Varshney said that patient deposited the amount into bank account before getting a bed in the hospital. These bank accounts were fake and opened in the name of hospitals. Mayank paid 30 per cent commission to Chirag, Amit and Gautam Varshney for the entire work.

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