Birth Anniversary: Birsa Munda; the lord of tribals

Nov 15 2019 10:07 AM
Birth Anniversary: Birsa Munda; the lord of tribals

"बिरसा तुम्हें कहीं से भी आना होगा
घास काटती दराती हो या लकड़ी काटती कुल्हाड़ी
यहां-वहां से, पूरब-पश्चिम, उत्तर दक्षिण से
कहीं से भी आ मेरे बिरसा
खेतों की बयार बनकर
लोग तेरी बाट जोहते।’

-Poet Bhujang Meshram

This poem has been written for Birsa Munda, who is considered to be the God of the tribals, who devoted his entire life to the upliftment of the tribal caste. Birsa Munda was born on this day in 1875 in the Munda family in Chota Nagpur. Munda was a tribal group that lived in the Chota Nagpur Plateau.

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On 1 October 1894, Birsa, as a young leader, mobilized all the Mundas and launched a movement for the forgiveness of rent from the British. He was arrested in 1895 and sentenced to two years in prison at Hazaribagh Central Jail. But Birsa and his disciples were determined to help the famine-stricken people of the area and achieved the status of a great man in his lifetime. He was called and worshiped as "Dharti Baba" by the people of that region. After the increase of his influence, the consciousness of the whole region being organized among the Mundas awakened.

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Birsa was arrested in 1900 for instigating the tribal people and was sentenced to 2 years and eventually died on 9 June 1900 after being given a slow poison by the British.

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