Death Anniversary Special: When Feroze Gandhi had termed Indira as fascist, Nehru also got shocked...!

Sep 08 2019 10:40 AM
Death Anniversary Special: When Feroze Gandhi had termed Indira as fascist, Nehru also got shocked...!

While Indira Gandhi had known Feroze Gandhi since childhood, but the closeness between the two grew much later. While studying in London, Feroze and Indira grew up and the two decided to get married. However, Indira's father Jawaharlal Nehru objected the relationship between the two and cited the health of Indira Gandhi behind it.

When Indira kept the marriage proposal to Feroze in front of Father Nehru, Nehru reminded the doctors' advice and told Indira what problems could happen after marriage. However, Indira did not listen to her father and in the year 1942 married Gujarati Parsi Feroze Gandhi.

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However, Indira and Feroze's relationship was not as hot as in the days after the marriage. Especially after the birth of Rajiv and Sanjay, the distance between the two started increasing. In the famous biography of Feroze Gandhi, 'Feroze: The Forgotten Gandhi', Bartil Falk wrote that 'The tension between Indira and Feroze started when Indira left her home in Lucknow with her two children and moved to father's house in Allahabad. She went '.

It was 1955. And in the same year, Indira Gandhi became a member of the Working Committee of the Congress and the Central Election Committee for the first time, but when Feroze raised the issue of corruption within the party, the relationship of both of them became stronger.

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In the meantime, gradually the image of Feroze Gandhi became that of a 'whistleblower' and he became very close to the opposition, but he remained associated with the Nehru family and continued to visit her in Delhi-Allahabad. Bartil Falk has written in his book that, Feroze had already realized the 'dictatorial tendency' of wife Indira and he could not even stop saying it. The incident is from 1959.

Indira Gandhi wanted that President's rule to be implemented by replacing the elected government in Kerala. During that time she was the President of the Congress, she also had unilateral domination in the government. In such a situation, Feroze called Indira a 'fascist' at the breakfast table one morning. At that time Indira's father Jawaharlal Nehru was also present there.

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