Know some important things related to Jamshedji Tata's life on his death anniversary

New Delhi: Jamshedji Nasrwanji Tata, the famous industrialist of De Sh, was born on March 03, 1839, to Nasrwanji Tata and Jeevanbai in Navsari, a small town in south Gujarat. The city was part of the Baroda princely state at that time. Jamshedji Tata's father, Nasrwanji Tata, belonged to a family of Parsi priests. The family had been working as priests for 25 generations but they decided to do business and they moved to Bombay.  

It is said that he started working as a small trader and succeeded. In 1852, when Jamshedji was only 13 years old, his father called him to Bombay and admitted him to a local school. Jamshedji Tata worked in his father's business till the age of 29 and then founded a trading company in the year 1868 with a capital of Rs 21,000. According to the information, Tata was a very simple person despite being very rich. His home in Mumbai, Esplanade House, was always open to all family members, including his distant relatives.

He used to treat the children with leniency but he never allowed the children to waste time or money. He believed in the Parsi principles of 'Humata', that is, good thought, 'Hukhta', good words and 'Huwarshata', that is, good deeds. Despite having wealth and being in tune with the high society, he never consumed alcohol or other alcoholic beverages.

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