World Savings Day: Small 'savings' can shape big dreams

Oct 30 2020 01:02 AM
World Savings Day: Small 'savings' can shape big dreams

New Delhi: Nobody knows when the bad days of life will come. Saving is very important to deal with it. Especially it becomes necessary when it becomes difficult to earn money due to many reasons like illness, job, disability or old age. In today's era, savings have become so important that the government is running a campaign of economic literacy for this.

Banks also raise awareness by organizing camps to encourage savings. Small dreams can be shaped by small savings. In view of this, World Savings Day is observed on 31 October every year worldwide. Due to the death of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on 31 October 1984, World Savings Day is celebrated every year on 30 October across India. The first International Savings Congress was held in Milan. Italy had declared 31 October in 1924 as World Savings Day. The purpose of celebrating this day is to change our behaviour towards saving and remind us of the importance of constant money.

The habit of saving leads the country to a happy future along with humans. However, the habit of saving has been a speciality of Indian society. Our parents teach us the importance of money and the need to save from childhood. Some of the money we used to get as a child would have been saved. There is a need to maintain this habit.

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