World Smile Day: Know this day history and purpose to celebrate

World Smile Day is being celebrated today on 1 October. This day was started by Harvey Ball. Harvey Ball is an artist working for Worcester, Massachusetts. You must remember the smiling smiley. Yes, you got it right, when you are very happy, then you send this smiley to your friends through social media chat, that smiley was designed by Harvey Ball. After many years of designing this smiley, he got the idea that at least one day in a year should be dedicated to 'Smile.' That's why he introduced the concept of World Smile Day. From the year 1999, World Smile Day started being celebrated every year on the first Friday of October. So today on this special occasion, you should also make others happy with yourself like this...

Start the morning with a smile: If you start the morning with a smile, then you yourself will be able to feel that your whole day was positive. When you actually smile, your body starts releasing the hormones Dopamine and Serotonin which are responsible for your happiness. The serotonin hormone works to reduce stress. So smile as soon as you wake up in the morning so that your whole day is pleasant.

Make others laugh: Laughter leaves a good impression on everyone and also makes the surrounding environment positive. Being happy keeps the mind happy and due to which health also remains good. So why not share some happiness with others on this World Smile Day and make them laugh after some jokes. Seeing the smile on their faces, you will also get happiness.

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