Artist Means Malhotra is the right inspiration for young girls

Most childhood dreams of unending success change shape or meaning as a person advances in age and life. While some people stick to the professions that they always dreamed of being in, others change paths and recalibrate their lives to accommodate their circumstances and availability of opportunities. However, just a few people do everything they desire, even if it means to keep doing tirelessly. One such person is Artist Means Malhotra, who is as versatile as she is ambitious. She perfectly combines dreams and hard work and has a long list of achievements in her name. She is a stylist, blogger, fitness enthusiast, philanthropist, and jewellery designer.

Anyone who hears of her achievements immediately assumes that she comes from a super-rich family and had unlimited resources to fulfill her dreams. However, that is far from reality. Means comes from a middle-class family in Delhi. She studied at DPS Mathura Road, Delhi. Later, inspired by her love for diamonds, she took up a course in jewellery design from JDTI. Means fondly remembers how as a child she used to tell everyone that she wants to be a diamond merchant or a jewellery seller when she grows up. She is proud that she achieved a dream that everyone laughed at when she was a child.

However, Means’ thirst for learning didn’t get satisfied as yet. She knew that monetizing a business depended on learning business management skills and just jewellery designing skills weren’t enough. This led her to apply for a diploma in business administration course at the prestigious “Latrobe university” in Melbourne. Here, she gave her best to the course and was rewarded for her academic excellence.

She is passionate about fitness ever since she was a teenager. Right from yoga to martial arts, Means has tried it all to stay fit. Her spectacular charm has always been appreciated, and she also got offers to work for daily soaps. This time, Means chose family over the offers. Choosing to act in the soaps would have meant moving to Mumbai, and she didn’t want to leave her family in Delhi. For the love of her family, Means gave up the opportunity and didn’t regret doing that. However, she appeared in some print ads of jewellery brands and fitness equipment and mesmerized people with her stunning looks. Apart from this, she has also judged multiple events.

She is an enterprising businesswoman and her business expertise reflects in the way she handles her hotel and banquet business as the managing director. Grand Affairs Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. which is Means’ family business, has established a recognized presence in the hospitality industry. 

Her achievements do not divert her from being useful to society. She frequently makes contributions through the NGOs and kitties that she is a part of. Means is also a polyglot and can converse fluently in Hindi, English, Punjabi, French, and German. Means also has a social media presence comprising more than 100k followers and that can be attributed to her researched and well-written food and travel blogs. Apart from social media, she has also featured in popular newspapers and magazines such as Zoom Delhi Page3now, Pkg newspaper, Delhi Times newspaper, Party whirl, Navdrishti times, Delhi Chilli, and Delhi Times nightlife. She is an inspiration for young girls to follow their dreams. We wish her luck in the future. 

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