Kapil Sibal's said this over Aryan Khan case!

Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal recently tweeted and has made headlines for the tweet. In fact, he has written in a tweet that Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan Khan's narcotics case has diverted attention from the minister's son's issue in Lakhimpur Kheri. In his tweet, he said, "In Aryan's case, drugs were neither found nor used, but he was blamed.'' You can see this tweet by Sibal last Thursday.

In his tweet, he said, "The Narcotics Control Bureau's investigation into the Aryan Khan case has revealed a new system of law. There was no evidence of drug use or being nearby, yet being proved guilty. Attention was successfully diverted from the Ashish Mishra case in Lakhimpur Kheri. Not only that, but he has also hit out at PM Modi in his other tweets. "Congratulations to Modiji for eliminating hunger and poverty," he said. Now India has become a global power as well as a digital economy. The Global Hunger Index is ranked 101st this time as compared to 94th last year. Bangladesh is also lagging behind Nepal, Pakistan.''

Let me tell you that earlier Kapil Sibal had asked a question last Friday about Prime Minister Narendra Modi's silence on Lakhimpur Kheri violence. He wrote in his question, "The terrible incident of Lakhimpur Kheri. Modiji, why are you silent? All you need is a word of sympathy. It should not be difficult. What would have been your reaction if you were in opposition? Please tell us.''

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