As soon as the power went down, tesla model y caught fire and then...

Tesla's Model Y car owned by Elon Musk caught fire after it was reportedly power down while driving and the driver claimed he had to break a window to get out of the car. Fell. The incident happened last week in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

Car door didn't open: Auto-tech website Electrek says that Jamil Jutha was driving his Tesla 2021 Model Y vehicle, which he bought 8 months ago. They claim that the vehicle gave an error notification and then power down. He felt the cabin filling up with smoke. Jutha has said that, 'I had to break the window to get out of the car. I kicked the window. Everything stopped. Power was not working. The door didn't open.

What was the problem?: The news also said that although it is true that the primary way to operate the doors in a Tesla vehicle is via an electronic release, that doesn't work in case of a power down. Every door is loaded with manual release in normal scene. In fact, it is always a hassle for those who are not familiar with the car. They use a manual release rather than an electronic release, which enables the windows on frameless doors to go down before enabling the door to open.

The fire brigade extinguished the fire: After a few minutes after the smoke came out of the car, the flames started spreading inside the vehicle. Firefighters arrived about five minutes after smoke came out of the car. They quickly got the fire under control.

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