Ashish Nain Known As Best Physics Teacher in India.

Jul 23 2020 03:50 PM
Ashish Nain Known As Best Physics Teacher in India.

A child deprived of his parents’ love and support, a small kid facing enormous struggles and burden of responsibilities of his family, one who had so many dreams in his eyes but no idea how to fulfill them. That kid starts growing holding his maternal grandma’s hand. Life has been a roller coaster ride for him, ups and downs all its way. From losing his parents at the age of 8 to gaining a whole family of students and colleagues when he has turned 28, everything has been so challenging for him and yet, yet he is unstoppable. Because he, Ashish Nain, known as one of the best physics tutors of this time, is unstoppable( a pledge taken).

Ashish Nain is recognized as an iconic figure for the establishment of CONCEPTUAL ACADEMY. However, it is shocking to know that the academy that presently educates more than 800 students a year, started off with just 4 students and a tutor in a small room. 

Today, he who stands in front of students giving lectures, doesn’t want them to learn physics only but also teaches them how become a better human being first, to respect core values and practice ethics. Realizing his potentials and capabilities, Ashish Nain is now a motivational speaker as well. His distinct and unique ways of teaching and forming connect with student sets him apart from other tutors of the nation. His insights on the subject and life, gives a new direction to children and inspire them to be creative and innovative.

What all made this possible for him is hard work and resilience, he says. Coming from a small town in Jind to creating his aura all around the Sonipat district, he has proven to be a true gem. Passionate for his work, he has recently started his own youtube channel so that the studies don’t suffer and students get perks to cop up with the syllabus during the pandemic. Carving out toppers from maximum schools of Sonipat district since last three years, he sets the saying right “try try until you succeed”. 

Ashish Nain believes that his family is the foundation of his successful life and all the lovely students and supporters are the pillars of his strength. Carrying yet bigger drams and ambitions, he adds a quote with full belief that “It’s not about perfect. It’s about EFFORT. And when we bring that effort every single day, that’s where transformation happens. That’s how CHANGE occurs.

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