Ashutoshx: Journey of Successful Indian Musical Artist And Digital Marketer

Ashutoshx is known as Ashutosh Rana and as an Indian singer and entrepreneur. He was born in the Rana Community, and is the son of Dalchand Rana and Laung Shri Devi, and has one brother, whose name is Siddhant Rana. Ashutoshx is known for his unique singing style, He is known as a music producer and composer for his lofi songs.

Ashutoshx is also known for his notable song Sadness. He is a verified musician on Saavn and he is also a dancer who has also participated in the reality show called India's Talent Fight, Super dancer chapter 2.

In 2021, Ashutoshx released his first album, Warm Trap Beat and  9 IN Beat under his own label Ashutoshx Records — an online music store for Indian songs and also a digital promotion company.

Ashutoshx soon going to start his company in 2022 which primarily helps people or influencers get themselves verified on different social media platforms. Besides helping to get verified, on different social media platforms. Also, his company provides services like social media management, Google knowledge graph, PR coverage, brand promotion, YouTube Channel Monetization and far more.

Singer and entrepreneur — Ashutoshx who has been singing for the past 3 years and has made his way to the top in his field, studied at the Swami Educational Senior Secondary School 

Ashutoshx is also a YouTuber and dancer. He is also a selected contestant of India's Talent Fight show. Ashutoshx also has 150k subscribers on YouTube and soon he is going to verify all social Media Profiles.

Ashutoshx is also an entrepreneur who dabbles in writing poetry and screenplays apart from running his own company that provides IT solutions to musicians and artists. You can reach Ashutoshx on his socials at

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