Ashwagandha can boost sexual pleasure for women

Apr 07 2019 10:07 PM
Ashwagandha can boost sexual pleasure for women

Sex is one of the important need which delivers pleasure to us. One of the main aspects about sexuality that has become highly discussed following the rise in awareness about sex is the importance of the female orgasm, which has also run into a controversy. While experts debate about the purpose of an orgasm and why men want women to orgasm, ways for better and more frequent orgasms are also being discussed. Accordint to experts a daily dosage of ashwagandha for a month regularly in order to ensure maximum sexual pleasure for women.

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As per the reaserch,  ashwagandha can increase testosterone production in women, hence solving a major factor related to androgen deficiency syndrome. It’s also available as capsules and does not have any effect on contraceptives. The herb can be easily available and helps boost orgasms and make women feel sexier.

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