Demand money from father for drugs, Kalyugi son took this scary step when he refused

Purnia: A shocking incident is coming to light from the Purnia district of Bihar. In which one of the sons opened fire on his old father. The father's only fault was that he refused to give money to his son to buy drugs. After this, the criminal also set fire to the motorcycle parked outside the house. In this case, the police said that the culprit has been arrested. At the same time, the victim's father somehow managed to save his life.

According to police, the culprit, Ranjan Kumar, is a drug addict. On the day of the incident, he demanded money from his father Hiralal Sah to buy drugs. However, Hiralal refused to give him the money. Thereafter, son Ranjan got furious and opened fire on the father himself. After that, somehow he managed to save his life. He rushed to the police station and informed the police about the matter.

On the complaint of the victim's father, the police reached the house of the criminal and arrested him. Police officials said pistols, burnt motorcycles, cartridges, mobile phones and other items were seized from the house.

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