Assam: Woman drags molester's scooter down in drain; watch video

Guwahati: A scooty rider started teasing a woman on the pretext of asking for a way out in Guwahati, Assam. Where the woman pushed his scooty into the drain and stopped him from fleeing while protesting against the man's actions. The victim has narrated the entire incident to everyone through a Facebook post and now her morale is being highly appreciated on social media. The incident is said to have taken place in the Rukmini Nagar area of downtown Guwahati. A young woman named Bhavana Kashyap has given full details about the incident through a Facebook post. Bhavana wrote that while she was on her way to the road, a man riding a scooter from the front started asking her for an address. At first, Bhavana could not hear him and the man came close to them. He asked Bhavana about The Sinaki Path which he was not aware of and expressed his inability to tell the scooty rider the address.

While Bhavana said to ask someone else, then the scooty rider started molesting her as soon as she refused. He writes, "As soon as these words came out of my mouth, he grabbed my genitals. For a second, I didn't understand what had just happened." Bhavana has named the molester Madhusan Rajkumar. Bhavana further wrote that after which the man tried to escape but she caught him. She with all her boy strength dragged his scooty from behind while he was constantly pressing the accelerator. Bhavana eventually pushed his scooty into the drain which prevented him from running away.

Bhavana in her post has also responded to the Assam Police who reached the spot on time and brought the situation under control. A case has been registered against the accused at Dispur station. Bhavana expressed hope that the Assam police will take strict action against the accused and set an example of justice and empowerment for women.

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