'Teach Quran at home, Madarsas should be abolished', says Assam CM

Guwahati: Assam CM Himanta has advocated the abolition of the word Madarsa, saying that getting admission to children in Madarsas is a violation of human rights. CM Sarma said this at a seminar in Delhi, Panchjanya on Saturday (May 21, 2022).  CM Sarma termed Madarsas as the enemies of humanity and said, "These Madrasas should become extinct. As long as the Madarsa revolves in the mind, the child will never be able to become a doctor or an engineer. '

He said that if these things are taught to the children, then the children themselves should not go to the Madarsa. Admission of children in the Madarsa is done only for violation of human rights. You should teach a lot of The Qur'an, but teach math and science the most. Teach the children religious things at home. He further said, "In schools, only those who make students become doctors, scientists and professors should be taught. The Muslims who have rote the Quran today, all of them were Hindus at one time. If a Muslim child has very good merit in his studies, I will give credit to his Hindu history.''

In 2020, Assam had decided to dissolve all government Madarsas and convert them into general educational institutions to facilitate the secular education system. This year, the Gauhati High Court upheld the Assam Repeal Act, 2020, under which all provincial (government-funded) Madrasas in the state were to be converted into general schools. In 2021, 13 people had filed a petition in the high court challenging the government's decision to convert state-funded Madrasas into general schools.

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