Assam: Expert team reaches Majuli to control and rehabilitate rhino

A team of experts has arrived in Majuli to control and rehabilitate the rhino that has terrified the residents of Lower Majuli for over a month.

The rhino has remained in the Kerela Chapori region for over one and a half months, according to a forest department officer. The rhine has frightened the people since it first came in the region. In a recent attack by the rhino, a man called Madan Das was also killed.

A team of professionals from Dibru Saikhowa arrived in Majuli on Wednesday morning to manage, tranquillize, and rehabilitate the beast. A team lead by Wildlife Trust of India veterinarian Dr Khanin Changmai has been working on ways to tranquillize the animal or find another way to return it to the Kaziranga.

According to Khanin Changmai, they have begun their activities and have positioned drones across the region to monitor the rhino. They'll be keeping an eye on the rhino to see whether it can be tranquillized. The rhino's health, as well as the topography of the location, will be considered during the process.

He stated that the entire procedure would take at least a week since the PCCF-WL would issue the tranquilization permission or instructions.  It should be noted that the rhino has been terrorising villagers in lower Majuli, and on January 30, 2022, it murdered one person in the region.According to forest officials, the rhino approached the human-inhabited region in search of food. People have been alerted about the rhino by the Forest Department, which has issued a red alert in the region.

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