Assam Govt Grants 12-Day Special Leave for Teachers Doing 'Vipassana' Meditation
Assam Govt Grants 12-Day Special Leave for Teachers Doing 'Vipassana' Meditation

Guwahati: In a groundbreaking move, the Assam government is all set to offer a 12-day special leave to teachers expressing interest in mastering the art of 'Vipassana' meditation.

Dr. Ranoj Pegu, the Education Minister of Assam, emphasized the significance of Vipassana—an ancient Indian meditation technique that centers on the profound connection between the mind and body by cultivating disciplined attention towards physical sensations.

"Under the National Education Policy (NEP 2020), there's a strong emphasis on holistic education encompassing mental, physical, and academic aspects. The well-being and growth of our students remain a primary concern. The policy also underscores the importance of the Indian knowledge system, highlighting mental health through practices like yoga. Much like yoga, Vipassana, an ancient Indian meditation methodology, holds significant value. Hence, we encourage teachers willing to partake in Vipassana workshops as they will become invaluable assets to our education system. Their gained insights and practices can be effectively transmitted to the students," stated Dr. Ranoj Pegu.

The Education Minister further confirmed the government's decision to grant a 12-day special leave to facilitate this training. "It's imperative that the institution conducting the training is certified. Once all necessary details regarding the workshop, its organizers, and logistics are confirmed, teachers will be eligible for the 12-day special leave," added the Assam Education Minister.

Dr. Pegu underscored the primary objective of the training, emphasizing that it aims to purify the mind, eradicate negative traits such as anger and greed, and guide individuals towards enlightenment.

Vipassana, which translates to "seeing things as they really are," stands as one of India's oldest meditation techniques. Widely practiced in non-sectarian settings, typically in 10-day retreats, it places significant emphasis on self-observation and mindfulness.

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