A woman ran away with 'non-men' 25 times in 10 years, every time she returns, her husband 'confess'

Guwahati: This woman is about 40 years old. She was married to Mamizuddin in 2011 and both have three children. She has fled the house 25 times with different men since marriage. Every time she comes back home, her husband accepts her. However, he regrets that his wife has not yet been able to stick to her promise. The shocking incident took place in Nagaon in Assam. The woman is a resident of Dhing. According to media reports, the last time she ran away from home, she left her three-month-old baby with a neighbour. Every time she returned, her husband accepted her. Whenever she returns after running away, she promises not to do so again, but later runs away again.

According to the report, the youngest of the woman's three children is only three months old. She had recently fled with a man from her own village. While fleeing from home, she left her three-month-old baby with the neighbour and said she was going to take fodder for the goats. On the way, she took Rs.22,000 and some ornaments with her. According to the woman's husband, 'The last time she ran away was on September 4 this month. In 10 years since we were married in 2011, my wife has run away with other men 25 times. Every time she returned to the family, she promised that she would not do it again, but so far she has failed to keep her promise.'

Mamizuddin further said, 'Once my wife claimed that she had gone to her relatives' house. Sometimes she said she had gone to see her sick relatives. I will accept her, I truly love her and we have three young children. If I don't accept my wife, who will take care of the children? I did not file any complaint with the police to avoid legal and other problems. The woman has two minor sons and a daughter. Her youngest son is only 3 months old and the eldest daughter is 6 years old. Her second son is 3 years old.' According to neighbours of the Muslim-dominated remote Dhing Lehkar village, the woman has close relations with several youths in the village and runs away with different lovers. She returns later after a few weeks or months.

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