Assam suspends offline classes indefinitely

All offline classes in schools up to class 8 in Assam would remain suspended till further notice, per an amended SOP issued by the state government on Monday, January 24.

The Assam govt made the big move in response to the state's current COVID-19 crisis, in order to prevent the infection from spreading further. Until the 30th of January, all schools in the state with courses up to class 5 were ordered to close for physical education sessions, with the exception of those in the Guwahati.

However, schools in Guwahati city have been instructed to close for children in grades 1 through 8.  Physical education in all Assam schools up to class 8 would remain suspended, according to an updated SOP (standard operating procedure) issued Monday evening.

In the SOP, the government urged all of the aforementioned educational institutions to switch to a virtual form of instruction and avoid physical classrooms until the government issues another order. The order further said that authorities will examine the situation on a daily basis, that appropriate steps will be implemented, and that the department of education will give relevant instructions in light of the current circumstances.

Despite the closure of offline sessions, the order strongly recommended schools to choose quality virtual education to continue the learning process. 

Notably, offline education for grades above class 8 would continue indefinitely in various schools across the state. According to reports, children in grades 9 through 11 would attend school in a rotational shifts and will have physical education classes three days a week.

Students enrolled in engineering colleges, technical institutes, and medical schools across the state will be able to continue with their courses as normal, as will students in class 12. Offline lessons for classes and above will be allowed in all districts on alternate days since they will be attending physical classes alternately, according to the SOP.

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