Assault on Indian Army Soldier in Kerala: PFI Involvement Suspected

KOLLAM: In a disturbing incident that unfolded in Kollam district, Kerala, an Indian Army soldier became the victim of a brutal assault, with assailants remaining unidentified. The perpetrators resorted to using paint to mark the letters 'PFI' on his back, leaving authorities and the public deeply concerned. A formal police report has been filed in response to this alarming incident.

On the night of Sunday, September 24, a horrifying attack took place in Chanapara near Kollam, where the soldier, Halveel Shinde, associated with the Electronics and Mechanical (EME) cadre of the Indian Army in Rajasthan, was targeted. Shinde was lured out of his residence by two individuals suspected to be affiliated with the Popular Front of India (PFI), a known extremist organization.

In a distressing sequence of events, the PFI assailants subjected Shinde to a vicious ordeal. They physically assaulted him, bound his hands with adhesive tape, and relentlessly beat him. To further emphasize their involvement, they inscribed the acronym 'PFI' on his back before fleeing the scene.

Shinde has expressed his intention to report the incident at the Pangod military station. Meanwhile, Pratheesh Viswanath, a prominent Hindu activist and the founder of Hindu Seva Kendra, has vehemently condemned the attack. In a statement on social media, he remarked, "The news of the heinous assault on an Indian Army soldier by PFI terrorists in Kerala is deeply shocking. They audaciously branded him with the 'PFI' label as a symbol of terror. Even an army jawan is not safe in the state of Kerala under the Communist administration. It is imperative that this matter be investigated urgently, and those responsible be brought to justice."

The incident has triggered outrage among netizens, who have pointed fingers at the CPI-led government in Kerala, headed by Pinarayi Vijayan, for what they perceive as a growing sense of lawlessness and a lenient stance towards extremist elements.

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