Arvind Kejriwal makes big announcements for women in Goa

Panaji: For the next assembly elections, the Aam Aadmi Party is rushing to the top (Assembly Election 2022). Currently, the party is making progress in its efforts to win the public. Political parties are competing to get ahead of one another. Arvind Kejriwal (Arvind Kejriwal), the Delhi Chief Minister and AAP National Convener, has made various special announcements for all ladies in Goa in this episode (Goa). "Women who do not obtain the Home Aadhaar Scheme will have Rs 1000 paid to their accounts every month," Kejriwal remarked in a recent declaration.

He explained "Our party is working on a strategy for Goa's growth that would be implemented once our administration is elected. The other parties do not refer to you; they simply refer to robbing Goa. Simultaneously, the AAP's National Convener stated, "If our government is established, we would extend the Home Aadhaar Scheme's 1500 000 beneficiaries for another 2,500 months.'

"Rs 1000 would be granted to all women above the age of 18 years under the Home Aadhaar Scheme every month," Kejriwal added. "Every lady needs Rs 500 crore to donate 1,000 rupees apiece," he stated in response to a question regarding the budget. Goa's budget is Rs. 22,000 crores. However, when a flyover or a road is built, 20% of the Rs.22,000 crores, or around Rs.4400 crores, is lost to corruption. We will set aside 4400 crores and offer each woman 1,000 rupees. "I offered free power for Goa, as well as unemployment benefits," he said. He launched the pilgrimage and offered ladies 1,000 rupees apiece, plus 1,000 crore rupees if all expenditures were paid.

"These people say Kejriwal is providing free seeds," he continued, addressing the opposition (Freebies). This country's atmosphere is shifting. Until now, the leaders had access to all of the freeseeds, and ministers were given free power in the amount of 4000 thousand units. So, shouldn't the whole people be given 300 free units of electricity? When we provide people free power, the opposition accuses Kejriwal of handing out freebies. 'What the politicians get is a freebie, what the people get is their right!' Kejriwal stated at the same moment.

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